---Coaching Sessions

Planting vs Pastoring: Knowing your calling
All believers are called to minister but not all are called to lead or pastor the body.  Assurance of that call, and knowing what you are signing up for, may save you,  your family and the church a whole lot of pain.  We will take a serious look at what is ahead and give you a chance to confirm that calling.
Church Health:  Knowing and meeting the felt need of a community
“Where is the heart of your community?”, “What are their seasons of life?”, “Who holds the influence?”, and “What are their greatest fears and needs?” Knowing the answers to these questions can help you to develop a plan that is truly “good news” to them.
Leadership: Spiritual Leadership
The worldly ideas of leadership are not altogether God’s ideas.  We will be looking at what it takes to be a servant leader.
Pastoral:  Hermeneutics 101
We are challenged to rightly handle the word of God, showing ourselves to be approved. We will cover basic fundamentals of interpreting the bible.
You:  Core values and mission
We all hold certain values that determine how we make decisions and what we hold as priority.  These core values will become the character or personality of your church.
Discipleship: Why? What’s the point?
We are all familiar with the great commission, but many of us are confused with what discipleship is or how to do it because most Christians today have never been discipled themselves. We will begin to clearly define biblical discipleship.
Leadership: Knowing yourself and others (personality conflict)
We will be covering personality types and how we relate to others based on these differences and similarities. We will also discuss how, as leaders, we must understand others if we are to help them succeed in their part of the body of Christ.
Pastoral: Hermeneutics 102
We will cover more on the way we interpret the Bible and how we make it relate to others.
 Discipleship: One-on-One vs. small groups
We will cover some of the best practices of discipleship, pit falls, and duplication. We will also discuss the pros and cons of different styles and methods.
Church Health: Planting Style Pros and Cons
There are 100 different ways to approach church planting and not all will bring about the results you are looking for. We will work through the ins and outs to help you come up with a game plan.
Leadership: Casting Vision and reasonable expectations
Most church planters are excited going in but soon are disappointed because it did not happen the way they thought. So what is trust in God and what are reasonable expectations?
Pastoring:  Sermon Development and biblical preaching
We will discuss the basics of putting together a solid biblical message that will challenge the hearts of your church.
You: Your Spouse and You on a team
We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a healthy marriage in ministry.  We will discuss ways to bring a balance between family and ministry life.
Church Health:  Program How-tos and what to avoid
We hold that the relationship ministry is the best way to expand the kingdom. But all church gatherings have some programming involved. So what is good and what is just spinning our wheels?
Leadership:  Top 10 Laws of Leadership
John Maxwell has some incredible insight to leadership, and we would do well to pay attention as we grow in our leadership skills. We will do our best to cover as many of  his top 10 laws as possible.
Pastoral:  Teaching with style
This class will help you engage your listeners, making your messages come alive.
You: Money Management
Money is one of the biggest pit falls in ministry.   We will cover what the bible says on the subject and help you figure out how to handle money in your life and the church budget.
Discipleship: Youth Ministry
Youth ministry is not about entertaining the teens, it’s about training up the next generation to do more and be more for their Lord and King.
Leadership: Church Planting Mile Post
By now you should have a good idea what God is calling you to but what is the next step or steps?  We will help you lay out a road map so you can be diligent in what God has called you to.
Pastoral: Major Bible Doctrines 101
We are not looking to present a doctoral belief, but to look at what is general to the evangelical church and how to handle others that don’t see it your way.
Leadership:  Furthering Yourself and Time Management
It is important that you challenge yourself and continue to bring health and growth to every area of your life.
Discipleship:  Children’s Ministry
People looking for a new church home are often more concerned with their children than themselves so it is important to offer a children’s ministry.  What does that take?
You: Support Raising
Financial resources are hard to come by as a church planter. We will help you with a proven way to raise support so that the ministry can move on.
Pastoral: Major Bible Doctrines 101
We are not looking to present a doctoral belief, but to look at what is general to the evangelical church and how to handle others that don’t see it your way.
Leadership: Raising up a Team
Let’s face it, more and greater things are done by a team than alone.  So how do you raise one and how do you handle one so that it does more good than harm?
Church Health:  Church Constitutions and the Law
It’s not fun, but it is most essential in this sue-happy society of ours.
Pastoral: Counseling; Marriage, Addictions, Do’s and Don’ts
We would like to give you some practical tools to deal with some of the things that will come your way.
So What’s Next?: A Time of praise, reflection, and commissioning