---Kingdom Collective

Thank you for your interest in Kingdom Collective!  We are confident that your experience with the Kingdom Collective will be enriching, equipping, and encouraging. 

Kingdom Collective is both a community and ministry equipping course.  The mission of Kingdom Collective is to empower & equip individuals and couples who are currently engaged in some form of ministry platform who are also living out, pursuing, or investigating a life-long call to ministry. 

There are 4 Kingdom Collective Facilitators/Mentors/Coaches that bring decades of ministry experience, in a variety of fields, domestically and internationally, from a variety of teaching styles and personalities.  Mark & Sacha Hasenyager of Outdoorsmen Church & Multiply Northwest, J.D. Partain of Echo Church, Tucker Parman of Zootown Church and Chris Nichols of Multiply Northwest.

Due to our values of creating an interactive learning environment, Kingdom Collective is limited to a small number of participants each year.  Participants are carefully selected among a wide range of applicants.  Those who are selected will participate in 3 different Weekend Intensives equipping you with relevant tools immediately applicable to your current ministry and translate-able to any and all future ministry endeavors.  The by-product of these shared experiences and the interactive, collaborative learning through these weekends connects you to a community of others that might manifest in future partnerships or simply a larger network of like-minded kingdom focused ministers of the gospel. 

Before applying, it is imperative that each applicant be committed to the following:9

Three Weekend Intensives- All retreats begin at 6 pm on Friday and are completed by 9 pm on Saturday evening. Dates below include Sundays as participants are invited to stay the 2nd night and depart Sunday morning.  Most retreats are conducted within 45 min of Missoula in a Cabin Retreat –like setting.  You are expected to spend the night the first night.  All Weekend Intensives are MANDATORY

Session #1- Nov 1-3, 2019

                        Session #2- Jan 31-Feb 2, 2020

                        Session #3- Apr 3-5, 2020

      • Coaching: Following each Kingdom Collective Weekend, you will be expected to meet with one of the 4 Facilitators. This creates the opportunity for you to process and apply the material that you learned.  You can choose which facilitator to meet with based on which topics that were presented spoke to you or challenged you the most. 
      • Open Hands-Open Heart: Over all of these date & time expectations, our greatest desire is that you be committed to being teachable, humble, open, eager to learn, and eager to apply. 

At this time, Kingdom Collective is free to all those who are selected.  This gift to you flows out of a collective love for Jesus and a desire to invest in the next generation of ministry impact. 

Once again, thank you for your interest in Kingdom Collective.  We look forward to walking with you.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!  Contact us